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ECO 5R | What is the zero waste 5R principle?

Today, whether it is on the top of Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, the plateau lake in Mongolia, or the underwater world in the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean, even in the inaccessible Antarctic and Arctic seas, there are traces of plastic pollution. This plastic pollution endangers all the natural ecosystems and reproduction organisms on the earth. It can be said that the excessive dependence of humans on plastic products in life and the excessive plastic packaging made in the production process is extremely dangerous and brings about a crisis which the same as the threat of climate change. Today, plastic waste has polluted almost the entire planet, whether it is in the ocean or on land. So if we don’t take immediate action to end the era of disposable plastics, the future of the ocean will be bleak.

We are the problem. And we are the SOLUTION.

 Starting today, try the 5R principle to protect the most beautiful planet in the universe:

  • Refuse: Reject disposable plastic products and carry reusable cotton bags, drinking glasses, tableware, straws, and lunch boxes.

  •  Reduce: Try to buy bulk products as much as possible to reduce disposable packaging waste.

  •  Reuse: The plastic that has been brought home, please reuse it and make full use of it until you can no longer use it, then look for a better alternative.
  • Recycle:Separate collection of recyclables. In areas where waste separation has not yet been carried out, plastic bottles and other recyclables can also be placed next to the trash can separately for recycling operators to pick up and enter the recycling channel.
  • Rot: Conditional households can try composting food waste, or at least separate dry and wet, to avoid the pollution of recyclables with food wastewater.

 In this plastic war, we must win!!

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