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EDUCATION|Marine life should be our closest friend!

Why should we protect the ocean?

Because plastic products in the ocean have caused a huge threat to the health and life of marine animals, and fishing gear, including fishing nets, fishing lines, fishing fences, and floats, are the number one killers in plastic products! According to statistics, more than 640,000 tons of lost or discarded fishing gear enter the ocean each year, causing the death of 136,000 seals, sea lions, whales, dolphins, and other large marine organisms. Therefore, there are countless birds and fish injured and killed.

Fishing gear is also the culprit of the marine plastic problem, with more than 70% of the marine plastic particles (by weight) related to it. Not only that, but fishing gear may also wrap around the propellers and interfere with navigation, posing a real threat to fishing vessels and international transportation, or even wrapping divers, putting them in a difficult position. Therefore, fishing gear has seriously affected human health, the lives of millions of marine animals, and the sustainable development of the environment.

Today's children are future adults, and it is essential to cultivate their love for animals and nature from an early age. When we went to the aquarium, dolphins were our closest friends. When we looked at Finding Nemo, we understood that the kind and lovely marine animals are the residents of this earth like us, and we should respect and love each other. As adults, we should tell children that plastic products are huge for marine life. In the future where children live, the ocean is bluer and the earth is cleaner. We long for this future.

We can do some of the most basic little things, starting with ourselves and working with children to protect the ocean:

  1. Don't throw garbage into the sea!
  1. Seeing someone throwing garbage into the sea, discouraging and persuading education.
  1. Every time you dive, pick up the trash.
  1. Reduce carbon emissions travel to control the degree of ocean acidification, thereby reducing harm to coral reefs and marine life.
  1. Try to use environmental protection bags instead of plastic bags to reduce the erosion of plastic garbage on the ocean.

For the physical and mental growth of children, creating such a green future is more important than all material conditions. Isn't it?

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