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PLOGGING|Plogging is the coolest fitness method in the world

People who love sports must have heard of “plogging”. 

The word “plogging” comes from Swedish and is a compound of “plocka upp” (pick up garbage) and “jogging” (jogging). This emerging sport was initially driven by a Swedish named Erik Ahlstrom. He likes to run and finds that his city is full of garbage, which makes him very unhappy. So Erik simply brought garbage bags and picked up garbage while running. Gradually, more and more people imitated Ahlstrom and named the new sport “plogging”. They became ploggers themselves.

Plogging is not an easy sport. Because runners need to pick up garbage by squatting, lunging or bending over, Plogging combines running and squatting and other aspects of sports. It consumes more calories than jogging and can play a good exercise effect. Half an hour of plogging will cause the average person to consume 288 calories, while jogging alone will consume 235 calories, and brisk walking will consume about 120 calories. So plogging is also a good choice of weight loss. Did you plogging today?

In order to be a plogger at any time, let us develop a good habit of carrying eco bags with us. An ultra-light, portable, foldable and reusable eco bag is the best choice for you. Let‘s pick up a bag of city garbage, and develop the habit of not throwing garbage away. While exercising, it can also reduce garbage pollution, protect animals, and protect nature. Since a person’s power is limited, let’s compete to see who picked up more garbage. Let’s clean the city together. Leave a comment to share your daily plogging.

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