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DOLPHIN|Protect friends who have been close to humanity for thousands of years

Thousands of years ago, humans have known dolphins. The dolphins play around the boat, they look like they are smiling. People like dolphins very much, so thousands of years ago, people would paint dolphins on the inner walls of the palace to express their love for dolphins. Since ancient times, dolphins have been our friends. Dolphins will help fishermen encircle the fish to the fishing net. It will also specifically remind human ships that they are sailing towards the rocks to inform them of the danger. When enjoying surfing in the summer, cute dolphins will also surf with us!

Dolphins can help and rescue humans, but humans are hurting them. A large amount of plastic waste generated by humans flows into the ocean, causing dolphins to mistakenly think of it as food and swallowing it, and finally causing the cute dolphin to die. Even more greedy people began to kill dolphins as food or capture them for dolphins show, and for dolphins, this kind of life is like being imprisoned in prison, without freedom.

Fortunately, more and more people are protecting dolphins. It is also through more ways, such as street graffiti art, picture book education, etc. to let children know that dolphins are our good friends, they are kind and gentle, and have been friends of humanity for thousands of years. We must protect dolphins at risk of extinction together.

We should severely condemn the direct killing of dolphins. But what we can change directly is indirect killing. That is the plastic pollution that poses the greatest threat to the ocean. And these plastics come from our daily life. We must start refusing to buy and use plastic products, especially plastic toothbrushes, plastic straws, plastic cups, plastic cutlery, plastic bags, and other disposable plastic products.

We encourage people to make secondary use of plastic products, for example, through DIY to transform into home decorations to create a second life for plastic waste. It is also highly recommended that you buy environmentally friendly products instead of plastic products, eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo straws, bamboo cutlery set, reusable self-provided coffee cups, and portable and reusable eco bags that can make our lives more sustainable and green eco-friendly!

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