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SEA BIRD | Balloon deadliest marine plastic for seabirds

Balloons are more common in life.

In weddings, birthdays, parties, and festivals, it is essential to use balloons to render the atmosphere, and to release the balloons to further release happiness and inspire our enthusiasm and happiness ~

No matter how high they fly, these balloons will eventually fall back to the ground. The airless balloons return to the ground, the ocean, the forest, and become environmental garbage, causing very serious pollution.

These balloons not only caused pollution to the environment but also seriously endangered the lives of other creatures, especially seabirds.

Studies have shown that balloons or balloon fragments are the most likely marine litter to kill seabirds. They kill almost one-fifth of seabirds. Seabirds often catch floating garbage because they look like food. Once swallowed, rubbish blocks the gastrointestinal tract of seabirds, making them difficult to eat and starve to death.

To protect the environment and protect animals, more and more countries and governments realize that we need to limit this balloon that brings short-lived happiness.

Such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, and many other countries, they have formulated policies to restrict or even prohibit the release of balloons.

To replace balloons, some couples use recyclable Confetti to celebrate marriage and render a romantic atmosphere. Although it is very troublesome to clean up, the balloon’s harm to surrounding organisms and environmental pollution will be greatly reduced, I think this is also a good change and try.

Each of us should be involved in saving seabirds. Just please don’t let the balloons fly freely. The moment when the countless balloons are released is really beautiful, but to appreciate such a short-lived beauty, countless birds and other creatures have to pay for their lives, which is not worth it at all.

Let the beautiful seabirds spread their wings and fly again, return to the beautiful blue sky, and continue their migration life. 

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