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SEA TURTLE | Inescapable Plastic Ring

Plastics are everywhere in our lives. We drink water with disposable cups, brush our teeth with plastic toothbrushes, and use plastic bags anytime, anywhere. Yes, plastic does simplify our lives but have you ever thought about it, every cup or plastic bag you throw away will not disappear, most of the garbage entered the landfill and the ocean around the world. A simple plastic bag takes 200 years to decompose. In these 200 years, it will pose a threat to the lives of animals.

It was reported that a turtle was found and its body was wrapped in a plastic ring and could not break free. Obviously, when the turtle was very young, maybe it thought the plastic ring was a toy. Then as the turtle grew up, it was stuck in the plastic ring and could not break free. In order to survive, the turtle's body began to grow abnormally. It is difficult to imagine how much pain this small piece of plastic caused to the animal. How many creatures suffer because of the plastic garbage we inadvertently discarded!

According to scientists, if we continue to use plastic irrationally, we will soon be drowned by our own garbage. It is estimated that by 2025, every 3 tons of fish in the ocean will contain 1 ton of plastic, and by 2050, the amount of garbage will exceed the number of fish, which will have dire consequences for whales, dolphins, fish, turtles and other creatures.

But what can we do to help marine life from suffering?

  1. Buy a few plastic bottles as possible to reduce the generation of plastic rings. It is recommended to consider using reusable silicone water bottles with degradable materials.
  2. When you go to the supermarket, carry a reusable environmentally friendly bag with you to reduce the consumption of plastic bags.

As long as everyone makes a little change and reduces their dependence on plastic, then cute marine creatures can suffer less.


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