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SEA TURTLE | Unusual deaths of perpetual turtles

Do you know? Among all animals, turtles have the longest lifespan. According to the World Guinness Book of Records, turtles can have the longest life span of 152 years. Because sea turtles have the longest lifespan, people along the coast regard turtles as a symbol and mascot of longevity, and call them "perpetual turtles".

However, in recent years, in many sea areas of the world, people have successively discovered that a large number of turtles have unusually died. So, what caused the perpetual turtle to die bizarrely?

Scientists found that many plastic bags were stored in their stomachs by dissecting the dead turtles. It turned out that these plastic bags caused the turtle to die. So why do turtles eat plastic bags?

It turned out that the turtle's favorite food is the delicious jellyfish. The plastic bags that people throw away in the ocean in a large amount will swell in the ocean, and the shape is like a jellyfish, so they will mistakenly eat these plastic bags as delicious jellyfish.

Everyone knows that plastic bags usually take about 200 years to be decomposed. These things were swallowed by the turtle's stomach, and they could neither be digested nor excreted. You can imagine how painful it is for the turtles. These plastic bags are stuck in the intestine, which will inevitably cause stomach upset, make it impossible to eat normally, and finally slowly wait for death.

A large amount of marine debris and marine pollutants have caused more and more marine organisms to die and slowly caused the marine ecological balance to be broken, endangering the human living environment. Therefore, we must pay attention to protecting the marine environment. Everyone has to start with himself. Every time you discard a plastic bag, you should think about it, which will endanger the life of every marine life. Then you should consciously minimize the use of plastic products and do n’t discard plastic garbage at will. Ecomelet encourages everyone to use environmentally friendly bags that are recyclable, lightweight, practical, and stylish and are the perfect alternative to plastic bags. Persist in using for one year, saving plastic bags can save a lot of marine life from threats.

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