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WHALE | Rescue whales who cannot escape plastic

First, let's look at the simple data:

  • On the coast of the Philippines, a dead whale with 80 kg of plastic waste in its stomach was found.
  • At the seaside in Thailand, a dead whale with up to 80 plastic bags weighing 16 pounds was found in the belly.
  • A sperm whale was found dead on the Spanish coast. The stomach is filled with a series of plastic waste of up to 58 pounds such as plastic bags, fishing nets, and plastic oil drums.
  • A dead whale with nearly 6 kilograms (13 pounds) of plastic waste in his stomach was found in a sea area in Indonesia. This includes 115 water glasses, 4 plastic bottles, 25 plastic bags, and two flip-flops.

This is only a small part of the huge data. Whales will mistake plastic waste such as plastic bags as food and continue to eat. At a certain point, the whale's stomach will be filled with garbage, so that it can no longer eat real food, can not get any nutrition, and finally the entire digestive system. The garbage is clogged, and what is waiting for them is to die slowly.

Every year, about 8.16 million tons of plastic waste flows into the oceans around the world. This plastic wastes will kill hundreds of marine life. If plastic waste is not regulated, the plastic waste in the ocean will be tripled in 10 years.


We need to clearly understand that our use of plastics is a chronic suicide for humans.

SO, it's time to change!

Let us work hard to protect whales from the little things around us!

  1. Instead of using plastic bags, plastic bottles, and plastic straws, you can consider using environmental protection bags, foldable and reusable collapsible bottles, and bamboo straws to perfectly replace plastic.

  2. Recycling plastic products. Through DIY, plastic works of art with environmental protection and education significance can be made. Besides, plastic bottles can also be used as potted plants to grow vegetables, to reduce the amount of plastic waste flowing into marine garbage.

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