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BAMBOO STRAW | Why choose bamboo straws?

Think about every "take-away" drink, such as soda, iced coffee, smoothie, juice or cocktail, we have used at least one plastic straw, and sometimes even wrapped it separately with extra plastic or paper. However, these plastic straws were not effectively recycled and reused but entered the ocean as plastic waste. When plastic straws enter the ocean, marine life may accidentally swallow them, resulting in a 50% mortality rate for seabirds and turtles. And we have become indirect killers that kill marine life!

As a perfect substitute for plastic straws, we can try using bamboo straws!! Because bamboo straws are durable and biodegradable environmentally friendly materials, it is derived from nature and can be decomposed in 4-6 months. On the contrary, it takes 200 years for the plastic straws to completely decompose! So when we stopped at the local coffee shop for a cup of iced coffee, let's choose to use bamboo straws with travel coffee cups instead of using disposable plastic straws. Let's protect marine life together!

Bamboo originates from nature. The production and processing of bamboo products are pure physical processing such as planing, cutting, and sanding, so each root is a unique shape!

We can choose 3 pcs of bamboo travel set with 1pc bamboo straw case + 1pc bamboo straw + 1pc cleaning brush. You can carry it in your bag. When traveling or traveling, you can enjoy delicious milk tea, smoothies, coffee, or cola environmentally anytime, anywhere. Bamboo needs to be washed and dried. When you need spare straws, you can also choose the economical 12pcs bamboo straws+ cleaning brush set.

Reject plastic straws and become a fan of bamboo straws together!

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