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ECO BAG | 12 minutes of convenience, 200 years of disaster

To be honest, plastic bags are cheap and light, which is one of the great inventions of the 20th century, which makes our lives more convenient. But it was accompanied by severe white pollution and the death of countless marine life.

According to reports, the world consumes more than 1.2 trillion plastic bags every year, and each adult uses an average of 300. Based on the average time, each plastic bag took only 12 minutes before being discarded. After 12 minutes of convenience, it takes more than 200 years for a plastic bag to decompose naturally. For the convenience of 12 minutes, is it worth the price of 200 years for nature?

Obviously, this is not worth it! We cannot exchange the life of marine life for 12 minutes of plastic convenience.

As a perfect substitute for plastic bags, environmental protection bags are also able to meet everyone's different needs under the development of technology.

  1. Save money

The durability of cotton or Oxford cloth materials can ensure that the bag can be used for years or even decades. This is equivalent to saving ourselves the cost of plastic bags for years or even decades. More importantly, it protects our precious planet.

  1. Fashion

Popular mesh bags, or Oxford bags with cute patterns, today's environmentally friendly bags are also a fashion element. Let's make life more fashionable and environmentally friendly.

  1. Foldable

There are always plans in life that are decided suddenly. For example, I want to go shopping in the supermarket after work, to treat myself after a tiring day. The ultra-light, Waterproof, and foldable bags that we carry with us allow us to enjoy shopping.

  1. Durable and reusable

Everyone has experienced the irritability that plastic bags for fruits suddenly cracked? When you meet this Oxford cloth reusable bag, you will not experience it again. The 90g durable Oxford cloth bag can easily hold 15kg without tearing so that we can reuse it. Say goodbye to plastic bags!


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