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NO PLASTIC | 1 million plastic bottles sold every minute worldwide !

In plastic waste, in addition to the waste plastic bags that we are familiar with, followed by a large proportion of waste plastic bottles.

The data shows that 1 million plastic bottles are sold every minute in the world, and the total number can reach 500 billion in a year, which is equivalent to 20,000 plastic bottles per second. This number is expected to increase by 20% by 2021.

Unfortunately, currently, less than half of the waste plastic bottles are recycled, and only 7% of them are recycled to make new bottles, and most of the remaining bottles are mixed with garbage and landfilled or flowed into the ocean. The scary thing is that the rate of increase of waste plastic bottles far exceeds the rate of recycling. Therefore, the harm caused by plastic pollution is as worthy of our attention as climate change.


Therefore, we have to think about how to solve the problem of recycling plastic bottles! We encourage everyone to recycle plastic bottles and reject the old habit of throwing away once.

  1. We can DIY plastic bottles, make plastic bottles into plant utensils to cultivate plants, let plastic bottles also participate in green actions, and make plastic garbage a useful resource!
  2. We need to reduce the dependence and use of plastic bottles, thereby reducing the production of plastic bottles. We encourage everyone to use reusable water bottles. An environmentally friendly water bottle can be used continuously, so everyone can reduce the large demand for plastic bottles. Please encourage your family and friends to refuse to buy plastic bottles together!!


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