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NO PLASTIC | Can't replace plastic? Just don't want to try to change it!

Why do we know that disposable plastic products are very polluting, but we still use a lot in unnecessary places? For example, Coke plastic straws, plastic packaging, plastic bags, etc ...

Why the education we received from childhood is also to protect the environment and use less disposable products, but with the development of society and the advancement and opening of people's concepts, the use of disposable plastic products has not declined but there is a tendency to increase?

Perhaps the reason can be summarized in two words: convenience.

Because in real life, many people go to the grocery market to buy food and meat, it is inconvenient not to use plastic bags. Even if you go to the supermarket to shop, many goods cannot be weighed without being wrapped in plastic bags. Takeaway disposable lunch boxes and disposable chopsticks are more "convenient" to everyone's life. Many things make us think that plastic products are a great invention that cannot be replaced.

But sometimes we feel that "irreplaceable" is just not willing to try to change.

How to avoid the use of disposable plastic products?

  1. It is best to bring your own cutlery set and your water glass. As the quality of life improves, more and more people like to travel or have a family picnic. To reduce the generation of outdoor plastic waste, we can choose a bamboo cutlery set and reusable silicone collapsible bottle to create a zero-waste and sustainable life.
  1. Bring your reusable shopping bag when buying vegetables. You can consider using a good Oxford cloth eco- friendly shoulder bag. Oxford cloth is durable, lightweight, and waterproof. Not only can it help us to reduce the use of plastic bags many times to protect the environment, but also the strong durability can be used for a long time to save you a sum of money.
  1. Pack as little as possible, or choose not to need disposable flatware.

Are you trying to stay away from plastic products like we are? Come and leave us a message ~ 

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