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NO PLASTIC | Do you wanna go to the plastic beach for a summer vacation?

Can't bear the heat waves in midsummer? Then wear sunglasses and swimwear, go to the beach to enjoy the sun, enjoy the cold juice, and have a leisurely seaside holiday trip! The soft sandy beach, the cold coconut juice, the vast sea... eh? Wait, the transparent objects floating in the sea are not beautiful jellyfish, but discarded plastic garbage! According to statistics, randomly discarded cigarette butts, plastic bottles and plastic bottle caps have become the three most common garbage on the beach. And about 80% of these beach garbage are non-recyclable plastic garbage! Plastic waste kills millions of seabirds, 100,000 marine mammals, and countless fish every year.

Hawaii has long been considered a distant Pacific tourist paradise, a land with pristine beaches and extraordinary biodiversity. However, Camilo Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii is known as one of the most heavily polluted areas on the planet. When we went to Hawaii for a beach vacation, many people discarded plastic on the beach and would enter the ocean. Moreover, 15 to 20 tons of marine litter are washed on the beach each year, 96% of which is plastic. More than Hawaii, beaches around the world are full of pollution from plastic waste, and these plastic wastes not only endanger marine life, but may also threaten human health.

Plastic trash will gradually break down in the ocean, forming a large number of microplastic particles with a diameter of less than 5 mm. The toxic and harmful substances contained in the microplastic particles themselves and the toxic and harmful substances adsorbed in the water will accumulate through the food chain and may eventually enter the human body. The plastic we threw into the water, the fish ate the plastic, and then we ate the fish again, so the plastic particles that could not be decomposed remain in our body permanently. It’s scary to think about it, isn’t it?

In order for us to enjoy a cleaner summer seaside vacation, and to prevent the sea from becoming the next landfill, we need to say no to plastic pollution! Protecting the ocean is not achieved by relying on one's own strength. I hope more people can change "environmental protection" into daily life through changes in their lifestyles!!

  1. Refuse throw waste into the sea
  2. Carry reusable shopping bags, bottles, straws, cutlery set, reject disposable products
  3. Try to bring your own cup to buy coffee, it‘s environmentally friendly and stylish.
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