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NO PLASTIC|Every second, 3400 Coca-Cola plastic bottles thrown away!

As people use more and more plastic products, plastic waste is flowing into every aspect of life like tidal water. In 2015, more than 300 million tons of plastic products were produced globally. A large amount of plastic waste occupied and polluted the living environment through landfill and incineration. The plastic waste flowing into the ocean became a huge threat. Even in 2010, 10 years ago, as much as 4.8 million tons to 12.7 million tons of plastic waste flowed into the ocean, equivalent to one truckload of plastic waste being poured into the ocean every minute. Among them, plastic beverage bottles are one of the main sources of marine plastic pollution.

We all love Coke. Coca-Cola produces more than 110 billion plastic bottles every year. If you connect these bottles, you can go back and forth between the earth and the moon 37 times! Every second, 3,400 Coca-Cola plastic bottles are thrown away. Coca-Cola also appeared in the top three recognizable brands in the plastic waste picked up by volunteers. Globally, 86% of plastics are not fully recycled. A large number of plastic bottles are discarded after use and eventually flow into the ocean. Globally, PET plastic bottles and caps are one of the most common items washed on the beach. Studies have shown that this is only a small part. Most of the PET bottles have sunk into the deep seabed after breaking. Most of this pollution is not only unsightly but also caused serious damage to the marine environment.

We love the moment of drinking Coke in the cool summer but also hope that our enjoyment will not cause our planet to suffer plastic pollution. We hope that Coca-Cola and the other six soft drink companies in the world can pay attention to environmental issues, allow more plastics to be recycled and reused so that we can enjoy delicious cola in an environmentally friendly way.

Of course, we can also actively DIY the finished Coke plastic bottle and then remodel it. We can use it as a decoration for home or outdoor after some creative transformation. For example, it can be transformed into a container for planting plants, or can be DIY into a colored pen holder, making our daily life full of fun!

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