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NO PLASTIC|The fatal hazard of 38,000 plastic straws

The cool summer is the peak period of using straws. Icy juices and straws are standard on summer beach vacations. However, these seemingly inconspicuous small plastic straws have brought huge marine hazards.

According to statistics, an average person (up to the age of 60) uses nearly 38,000 plastic straws in the world. In other words, on average, about 5 billion plastic straws are used every day on the planet. The United States alone discards about 500 million plastic straws every day, and the total length of the connection can be two and a half times around the earth. The plastic straws are small, but because plastic straws are difficult to reuse, most restaurants do not classify them as recyclable waste. Therefore, the ultimate fate of plastic straws is to fall into a landfill or float on the ocean. The service life of a plastic straw is only about 20 minutes, but it takes more than 200 years to naturally degrade into small molecules. The plastic straws that enter the water are often eaten by animals such as turtles, seabirds, and fish. There are countless plastic straws thrown into the ocean all over the world, and more marine life is also killed. In addition, every year, thousands of children are accidentally injured by plastic straws. With these figures and cases, we must take a more careful look at the plastic straw, and no longer underestimate its existence.

Governments and businesses around the world are carrying out prohibition and restriction policies to reduce the use of plastic straws. For example, Seattle became the first major American city to ban plastic straws. Some cities such as New York City and San Francisco have also introduced legislative plans to ban plastic straws. All coffee chains of the world-renowned Starbucks company plan to bid farewell to plastic straws by 2020, and it is expected to reduce more than 1 billion plastic straws each year.

The whole world is working hard to restrict plastics to protect the environment. We should also voluntarily refuse to use plastic straws. You can try to use straws made of environmentally friendly materials. For example, bamboo materials and food-grade silicone straws are good choices! Safe, reusable bamboo straws and silicone straws are perfect alternatives for plastic straws. Let's enjoy the summer cold juices and smoothies while protecting the environment.

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