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Ecomelet Brand Story

For a long time, People are used to the comfortable and convenient lifestyle brought by plastic products such as plastic bags and plastic tableware and have not even realized whether such "convenience" harms the natural environment. And the fact is, the natural environment is getting polluted such as global warming, the formation of the plastic ocean, and the disappearance of vegetation which can destroy the animal and human life in the future. Most people know about this serious situation but only a few people are trying to protect the environment.

We set up the "Ecomelet" company to pass on information to more people about the huge harm caused by plastic convenience and to search every small action of various countries and individuals to protect the environment. Through the transmission of the value of this environmental protection information, we hope to encourage more and more people to use environmentally friendly products and challenge sustainable life.

The brand name of "Ecomelet" is a combination of “Eco” and “Omelet”. The word "Eco" has a wide meaning, but the main purpose is "eco-friendly", and we hope that we will strive for an eco-friendly and sustainable life. "Omelet" comes from the proverb "Omelets are not made without breaking of eggs" This means that if you need to get something important, you must sacrifice and lose something. So "Ecomelet" means that we can all say goodbye to the convenient life of the plastic present, to challenge and open up a new green eco-friendly present.

Every little helps, our precious planet needs everyone's sharing and efforts to encourage more people to join in creating zero waste, zero plastic, and environmentally friendly life.