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Our Promise

Even with more and more news, newspapers report that the world and nature have already become scarred. And we, who are always spectators, still think that nature will recover itself and resources can always be used by us. However, the fact is that nature will indeed recover slowly over the years, even if it takes hundreds of years and thousands of years. But human beings will not. We pay a price for every environmental waste we ignore and generate. In the end, little makes much, and this beautiful planet is no longer habitable. Should we be heading for that future? of course not!

ECOMELET is just as hard as everyone who wants to be environmentally friendly. We will work hard to collect the heartbreaking real examples in the world to let everyone deeply understand that we must take action to protect the earth! Of course, we will also strive to collect those encouraging and warm environmental protection behaviors in the world, which are worthy of our learning and emulation. We should apologize for the damage already done by nature and animals. And for the unknown future, we can change and create a sustainable green future! Therefore everyone's power is very precious!

To create an environmentally friendly life, ECOMELET is actively using environmentally friendly products and refuses to use plastic products to start a sustainable life. We will recommend good products that are very practical, environmentally friendly, and reusable. I hope everyone can start using environmentally friendly products as we do! ! We look forward to your change!!

ECOMELET promises to work hard to be an environmental communicator, and will also help more green organizations in need through practical actions. We will donate 1% of your purchase to environmental organizations or organizations that need international support. And you can see the amount you donated through the product details page and choose the organization you want to donate!! We are very grateful to everyone who supports and purchases ecomelet products.

Many a little makes a mickle. Let the little warmth become a big hug. Love and embrace this most beautiful planet together!


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